Thirsty Thursday: Potterhead

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my passion for Potter here yet, but it exists. Believe me.

I like to think of Potterheads my age as the “Potter” generation. I was 6 years old when the first book was published, and read the book when I was 10. Our Harry finds out that he is a wizard on his 11th birthday. It’s not hard to see how such a strong connection was formed.

Now at 21 years of age, I’m matured…as has my love for the series.

Harry Potter themed adult beverages.



Potter Drink recipes at


I’ve searched the web for fun Potter themed recipes, and my favorites were found on They have a list of 20 alcoholic beverages based on off the book /movie series. Cocktails, shots, and their take on butterbeer.

There is a House themed shot AND mixed drink for all four (Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw)

As a proud Hufflepuff, I am a bit disappointed in their choice of yellow fruit. Both the shot and the mixed drink include banana flavoring. Yuck! Sure, I like bananas, but anything “banana flavored” gives me the icks. I’d prefer a lemon flavored drink, honestly.

What does look good, thought is the Sybll Trelawney.

1 part gin
1 part vodka
2 parts cranberry juice
1 splash Grenadine 

‘Combine ingredients in a snifter over ice. Dry ice optional.

Anything with vodka and cranberry juice will catch my eye, and with the added Grenadine. Mmmmmm

And their Butterbeer recipe seems pretty tasty, as well.

1 part Schnapps, butterscotch
1 dash Schnapps, vanilla
7 parts cream soda 

‘Add both vanilla and butterscotch Schnapps to mug. Pour in cold cream soda and stir very gently.

I’ve got work tonight, so unfortunately I can’t try out one of these fun drinks this evening.

But I’ve wanted to for quite sometime, so maybe this weekend I’ll do a follow up post.

Do any of these drinks look good to you? Or do you know of any more fun Potter themed drinks to recommend? 


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